• High quality pastries made in Quebec

    Obtain custom products

    Create your own selection

    No waste guarantee

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  • Rigorous quality control

    Work peacefully thanks to the making history and product localization

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  • Fed up of inventory losses?

    The VIP package ensures no waste.

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End inventory waste

Our VIP package provides a smart and fast wrap including:

  • 75 units composed of 10 varieties
  • Quick handling
  • Handmade product

Who we serve

Specialized in food service

Caterers, hotels, congress centres, golfs, cocktail buffets…

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Specialized in corporate business

Restaurant chains and private labels

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We export

We export to the US. FDA approval.

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Open to public

Are you looking for a pastry catering services for your house parties?

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Track our pastries

Unlike most of the boxes available on the market, our exclusive and ultra compact wrap enables you to reduce storage space. Our box size also keeps you from wasting/freezing your money in vain.

Optimize your freezing capacity

Unlike most of the boxes available on the market, our exclusive wrap allows you to reduce and save storage space.

Customizable orders

Our strength is in customization. Our customers can create their range according to their needs and stand out.

Our team

Mignardise arose from a chance encounter between two pastry chefs sharing the same passion and having one mission in common: distinction.

Mignardise is all about chefs serving chefs. The Art of Hospitality/Receiving without cutlery or plate.